Thanks so much for the Very favorable feedback from the growing number of COLORS 2.0 fans Worldwide and from Respected Music Industry Pros!  

August 2014:   "I Know You're Here" at #4 on Radio Indie International (ahead of Smokey Robinson, I'll take it!)  

Trammell Starks, Critically-Acclaimed Producer, Keyboardist, Composer.  Industry Veteran.              Atlanta, GA:
"Listening to Brand New Day at this very moment - sounds amazing!  Awesome! Really incredible job!... Really digging your work!"  RE: "I Know You're Here" -  Fantastic writing, fantastic production, great singers! Congrats man! Beautiful work!   Ima fan!!!

Alegra NG    Southampton UK (Fan on after hearing "Brand New Day" (Music Video Edit)
"I'm loving it all. instruments, lyrics & vocals :D pretty awesome"

TigerTac      Canada   (Fan on after hearing "Samba do Coracao")
"Smooth. Makes me feel like I'm walking along the beach on a beautiful summer day. Just me the sand and the surf."

Juan Carlos Quintero, Critically-Acclaimed Guitarist, Producer, Composer.    Los Angeles, CA:
Re: Forever a Flower music video on YouTube:   "Brian! Beautiful heartfelt song. Nice job! Undoubtedly has your signature - I know what that is as a proud Colors alumnus : ) Keep writing my friend! Abrasos-JC"

Dave Harrison 
Rosemount, Minnesota:
"Honored to have purchased your CD and to have it playing in my car! My family vacations in San Diego almost every year and your music brings me great and sunny memories. Thanks for the uplifting lyrical content and the joyous emotion in "Going Home". If that whole CD doesn't point to Heaven, then I'm missing something!"

Syd Charrise Almendralo   Orange, CA   (heard "I Know You're Here" on
"I was listening on the Love Songs station on and your music came up and I thought, AMAZING! You guys have that old school 90's sound. I love it!"

Kyle Anastasio   San Marcos, CA   (heard "Brand New Day" on
Very nice phat sounding joyous feel. If this tune doesn't manage to move you in your seat than it's not possible! Especially that sweet little 8 bar with bass and drums. Oh my! Get up and move already! This has become my new drums play-along tune! WOW! Massive energy!!

Linda J  San Diego, CA:
"It's gorgeous, funky, uplifting... also lots of layers, clear voices, and Great percussion"

John Graham
, Highly Accomplished Film Composer   Los Angeles, CA
"I just listened to your tracks and I'm extremely impressed.  These are completely there in every way..."

Zjambrina      Madrid, Spain   (Fan on
Fantastic!!! Superb voice!! Great music!!

"Brand New Day", "I Know You're Here" and "Forever A Flower" each trading places at the #7 spot on ND JAMZ Radio!

Gino Goss
Award-winning Producer, Composer    Sacramento, CA
"Beautiful!!!  Jammin!!"

Jennifer V
  San Diego, CA:
"Wow. Beautiful. And positive. I love that....Very nice sound and what talented voices...."

 Stephen G Terry    
 London, UK (Fan on
"Instantly liked it, and continue to really enjoy.."

Julie F
   Long Beach, CA:
"WOW...  these are great compositions/arrangements!  Your piano solos are awesome.  The beginning of "I Know You're Here" gave me goose bumps... beautiful song.  The guitar and your piano riff  in a "Brand New Day" ...rocked, I liked your variety in it and the steel drums was a nice and surprising touch. I could definitely see dancing the samba - great beat.  "Forever a Flower" is a beautiful tribute to your mom.  To take your grief and turn it into something so beautiful is the mark of a true artist."

Richard Feldman
, CEO of Artists First & Grammy Award-Winning Writer/Producer Los Angeles, CA
"Music is excellent – well played – great production."

Melissa Vardey
, Award-winning composer • arranger • pianist • producer   Los Angeles, CA
"I believe in your project - with a passion"

Nebila Abdulmelik         
Nairobi, Kenya   (Fan on
"I Like Your Sound!"

Shelly M  
Temecula, CA:
"Really impressed. I love the song dedicated to your mom. Gave me goose bumps..."

Pat C  
    Adelaide, Australia (Fan on

Geneva Milbourne
Los Angeles, CA   (heard "Samba do Coracao" on
"I love this stuff, makes me feel wonderful!"

Nanny Love
  Amsterdam, Netherlands   (Fan on
“Nice, I Love it!"

Brandon R 
  San Diego, CA:
"Great website and awesome music."

  Xalapa, Mexico   (Fan on
“So Good!!!"

Priya K 
  Salem, Oregon:
"I heard your music - it is beautiful - it lifted my heart... I sense so much heart and soul in your music..."

Dionne Maldonado
         WFSS  Program Manager     Fayetteville, NC
"I love the track Going Home; definitely an "ADD"!

Deb E   Las Vegas, Nevada:
"Wow!....Amazing!  I love it love it!!!!Love it!!!"

 San Francisco, CA:    (review on

5.0 out of 5 stars The Real Deal, January 1, 2014"I found songs from this ep on Youtube and then bought the whole set. This is music the way it was meant to be written and played. Great melodic, harmonic, and lyrical composition. Uplifting and thought-provoking songs. Great musicians at the top of their craft.  Love it, have been playing it all week"

Sandy Shore
, President & Founder of and Long-Time Radio Celebrity at The Wave KTWV Los Angeles and KKSF San Francisco:

"Brian Sherman is the vibrancy in Colors 2.0… he is also the keyboardist, composer, producer and co-founder of the original, L.A.-based Colors band that had tremendous success in the 80’s and 90’s.... This is a wonderful new project that we highly recommend!"

Verissmo Feijoo      Marbella, Spain  (Fan on
"We love your music here in Spain. All my students of Spanish love your sounds"

Yoshihiko Maita
      Kawagoe, Japan  (Fan on
“I bought your CD 'Brand New Day' !"

Adnane Ben Dris      Casablanca, Morocco  (Fan on
“You make beautiful songs..."

Pamelia Kinney Carter      
Washington, DC  (Fan on
“Loving COLORS 2.0!!"


 ** The above are just a sampling of the Many favorable Reviews that keep coming in.   We'll keep you posted with more! **