From the recording I Know You're Here

This track was originally entitled "Wish You Were Here" and recorded back in the original days of Colors / Rain-Bo Tribe featuring the great R&B / Dance singer, Evelyn "Champagne" King, best-known for her songs:  "Shame", "Love Come Down", and "I'm in Love". 
By the way, Evelyn met her husband of 20+ years, Freddie Fox, the original guitarist in "COLORS" (prior to Toshi Yanagi) back in 1989.   Freddie and Evelyn met at one of COLORS' gigs when we were playing at "Bon Appetit" in Westwood (near UCLA).   Great club, unfortunately no longer exists.
Well, 20+ years later I wanted a stronger message in the updated version.  So new, very meaningful lyrics were provided my my extremely talented collaborator / lyricist, Miriam Dance.  Thank you, Miriam!
This song is now more Spiritual than the original version and a clear affirmation of the higher power, with some Gospel elements.  But the song could also be interpreted as a universal love song.... photo on right is of a statue of mine which I am very drawn to.  Interplay & Harmony, evocative of this track.  
I hear CeCe & BeBe Winans singing this track (love them!).  In the meantime, COLORS 2.0 VERY proudly features some STELLAR performances by John Fluker & Nikko Allen on Vocals.

MUSIC VIDEO for "I Know You're Here"