From the recording Forever a Flower

This track is inspired by and dedicated to my dear Mom who died quite suddenly and unexpectedly on Valentine's Day 2008.  She collapsed that evening into the arms of her then-Valentine of 57 years (my Dad) on their way walking to a local theater to see a stage play.  True story.  The photo here is of my Mom at about age 20.
The song is an expression of her beauty, grace, the seasons and her ascension to a higher place… "Fly Away My Dear, Into the Atmosphere"... (memorable lyrics provided by Miriam Dance...)
I hear Vanessa Williams, similar, singing this track, and I hear it in the opening and closing credits of a romance, drama, tear-jerker type film.  Currently featuring Nikko Allen on Vocals.   Nikko's performance is Beautiful, and I'm sure Mom is smiling up in heaven hearing this song.    
"You're my angel, my strong tower, Forever and Always a Flower....."  
Music Video for "Forever a Flower"